Monthly Memberships

4 Classes per month

$1600 HKD

8 Classes per month

$2,200 HKD

12 Classes per month

$2,500 HKD

+ Unlimited Open Gym

Add $300 HKD

Any unused credit will not rollover to the next month.
All monthly memberships automatically renew each month.
To cancel renewal or change your membership, you must email at least 7 days prior to renewal.

Unlimited Monthly + Open Gym

$2,700 HKD
Includes unlimited open gym access
Competition coaching at all HKWL-approved competitions (local & overseas)


10 Sessions

$3,000 HKD
2 months expiry

Each 45/60 mins class counts as 1 session
Classes range from 45, 60, 90, to 120 mins


Out-of-town guests only

  • One day unlimited - HKD $400
    一日入場証 – 港幣400
  • Three-day Unlimited - HKD $800
    三日入場証 – 港幣800
  • One week unlimited - HKD $1,200
    一星期入場証 – 港幣1,200

Drop-ins Memberships include:

  • Access to all regular classes
  • Open Gym Access

Private & Semi-Private Coaching



At Kowloon Barbell, we believe in the value of private and semi-private coaching from a certified professional. That’s why we’ve developed a flexible way for you to train with Kowloon Barbell’s highly professional coaches in a 1-on-1 or 1-on-2 capacity. 

If you’re interested in Private or Semi-Private Coaching, please contact us online or consult in person for pricing options.

九龍舉重館了解到合資格 ,有經驗教練的重要性 ,所以我們亦提供會員一對一或一對二私人訓練 ,令閣下享受到彈性訓練時段和專注專業的訓練服務 !
如閣下對私人教練服務感興趣 ,請按此聯絡我們或親身到九龍舉重館獲得更多資訊 。