Ringo was a soccer player and started relatively later than others. He was not a naturally talented athlete, but believed in the value of hard work. 

He started bodybuilding to improve his physique but came to realise it didn’t compliment his soccer performance. He later found CrossFit, through which he fell in love with Olympic weightlifting.

The will to improve drove him to learn more so he decided to study to become an Olympic weightlifting coach. His goal is to be a great weightlifting athlete and coach at the same time.

Personal Bests

  • Snatch: 100kg (94kg Competition)

  • Clean & Jerk: 120kg (114kg Competition)

  • Back squat: 160kg

  • Deadlift: 177kg

Accolades & Qualifications

  • Singapore National Open Championships 2018 - Bronze Medalist

  • Downtown Throwdown Weightlifting Competition (Hong Kong) 2017 - Gold Medalist

  • Sheffield Hallam University BS in Sport Coaching

  • USAW Weightlifting Sports Performance coaching certificate

  • CrossFit Level 1

  • Power Monkey Gymnastics certificate