We have a variety of classes ranging from those targeting the building of lean muscle mass, fat loss, building maximum strength, and specifically learning how to execute competition style lifts like squats, deadlifts, presses, snatches, and clean & jerks.


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Strength & Endurance


Strength & Endurance is our weight training class that’s for beginners and people who are looking to get fit for a happier and healthier life. This is a perfect entry-level bootcamp style weight training class for anyone who is a complete beginner to any type of resistance training, weight training, and any lifting whatsoever. We will lift the barbell 50-percent of the time, and the other half will be we will have circuits that help you sweat, tone up, and improve your fitness and strength.

Before you join any of our classes for the first time, sign up for our Foundations Course so you can learn the basics first.

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Strength & Power


Strength and Power is our strength training class that helps you to become as strong as possible. Specifically you will train to improve the squat, the press, and the pull exercises. These lifts are essential to building maximum strength!

This class ranges from beginner to experienced lifters. We will lift the barbell and a variety of implements such as dumbbells, medicine balls, and the barbell to get stronger.

Before you join any of our classes for the first time, sign up for our Foundations Course so you can learn the basics first.

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Barbell Club


Barbell club is our Olympic Weightlifting-focused class where our members learn, train, and aim to become proficient in the two Olympic lifts: the snatch and the clean and jerk. We have lifters of all abilities and skill level.

Olympic weightlifting is an incredibly effective strength training method but often one that is misunderstood and poorly performed. In our classes, we teach you how to safely and proficiently execute the Snatch and the Clean and Jerk. These movements take a high level of competency and dedication to learn, however, we teach you in a systematic way that is adaptable to people of all levels.

Come join us, we have 5 platforms, and you can slam weights anytime you want!

Before you join any of our classes for the first time, sign up for our Foundations Course so you can learn the basics first.

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Open Gym


If you would like to train without a coach, by yourself, or with friends, then Open Gym is the best option.  

Open Gym access is available to the following memberships: any Unlimited, Punch card, overseas drop-in, and open gym only.

There will be no coaching during open gym, however, staff will be on hand to  monitor your session for safety, so you can certainly ask for a spot in the squat and bench press should you need it.

此時段適合任何類別的會員,亦適合海外的朋友一次性使用。 如果你第一次於開放時段訓練,建議你早5分鐘到場與職員關絡,處理必要的文件。

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Active Mobility is our newest class with a dual purpose:

  1. To help you move better through full range of motion

  2. Improve your core strength, because we can always use a stronger core!


How about Programming?



We write our own custom team and individual programming for all of our members and clients. Upon joining with a membership, your current skill level will be evaluated by the coaches and each time you show up to class, the coaches will give you the appropriate training plan for your level.