Welcome to Kowloon Barbell

Kowloon Barbell, a Hong Kong Weightlifting training centre, is a barbell-focused training facility and coaching service featuring strength training classes for beginners to advanced level lifters. We are the first British Weightlifting-sanctioned club in Hong Kong and we are the only weightlifting facility and service with coaches who have a combined experience of more than a decade of coaching and competing in Olympic weightlifting.

九龍舉重館是香港舉重旗下的訓練設施, 為不同程度的會員設計訓練計劃, 計對槓鈴培訓主張力量訓練。此場館是香港唯一專精於奧運式舉重, 第一個直屬英國舉重的訓練設備。超過十年舉重和比賽經驗的教練團隊將帶領貴會員達到目標!


Our organization teaches, trains, and promotes Barbell training, Olympic Weightlifting, and Strength and Conditioning. We serve as a resource for anyone looking to become stronger versions of themselves. We exist to be the best barbell training coaching service, resource, and training facility in Hong Kong.

此舉重俱樂部教授, 培訓和宣傳槓鈴, 奧運式舉重, 力量和體能訓練。為所有對自身體格有所要求的你服務。目標成為香港最好的槓鈴俱樂部為大家提供最佳教練服務的資源設施!



We aim to provide personalized, private, and semi-private training in an inclusive learning environment. No matter your skill level, we are confident that we can coach, teach, train, and help you with your unique needs.

我們提供單對單,一對二, 和小班訓練環境, 不論任何能力,教練團隊都可以滿足你的訓練需要。



Kowloon Barbell is the only facility dedicated to Olympic Weightlifting and barbell-specific training in the Greater West-Kowloon area. 

Our methods focus on building a solid foundation of strength, power, speed, flexibility, and coordination, as well as a better understanding of barbell training and weightlifting. Then we continue to challenge our lifters to be stronger and more technically proficient. 

九龍舉重館是位於九龍 唯一主力奧運式舉重, 主張槓鈴訓練的俱樂部。
訓練原則基於全面而穩定的基礎, 針對力量, 爆發力, 速度, 柔軟度和協調性, 更不斷挑戰我們的會員到每一個力量技巧的高峰。

What we do


We specialize in teaching people how to lift the barbell and our specialty is Olympic Weightlifting. Every day we teach various ultra-small-group classes focusing on using the barbell to improve: Strength, Power, Muscular Endurance, Technique, Mobility, Flexibility, and of course, Olympic Weightlifting.

Our goal is to build awareness, educate coaches, and improve participation in barbell training through coaching and educational seminars, certifications, competitions, and events. 

We host competitions for all who want to compete and improve. We also teach coaches how to teach weightlifting. Contact us for more information on our Coaching Courses.

我們專精於槓鈴訓練和奧運式舉重教授。每一天都有小班訓練,針對爆發力, 力量, 肌耐力, 技巧, 關節靈活性, 柔軟度和奧運式舉重。我們的目標是通過指導和教育, 利用教練培訓, 研討會, 證書班, 比賽和活動來提高大家對舉重的知識, 提高槓鈴訓練的參與度, 打造更高身體素質。
我們不單為想進步和比賽的大家舉行比賽, 更為大家舉行教練培訓班。請聯繫我們獲取更多資訊。



It is our vision to see everyone lift the barbell. The barbell is a simple, efficient, effective way to get strong, and strength is something we all need regardless of your age, sport, or lifestyle. 

We hope to inspire more people to join a barbell club, not only our athletes at our gym, but we’d like to see weightlifting as a whole progress, develop and expand in Hong Kong, leaving both the public and the sport better than when we found it.

我們希望每一個人都有如步行般懂得如何舉起槓鈴。槓鈴其實是十分簡單而又有效率的力量訓練工具, 而力量更是不論年紀, 專項或生活模式都被需要, 是不可缺少的。